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Recoletos is a leading Spanish media group and is expanding both in Europe and in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets around the world. We publish the leading Spanish newspapers for business and sport as well as a number of lifestyle and specialist magazines. With our partners, our newspaper titles sell around 900,000 copies a day and we sell some 500,000 copies of our weekly and monthly magazines. Our websites draw over 90 million page views per month.

Sales and Operating Profit

We publish Expansión and, Spain’s leading daily financial newspaper and portal; Marca and Marca Digital, Europe’s most popular sports daily and website; Telva, a leading women’s magazine; Diario Medico, the top medical newspaper and other niche titles. We also own a 30% stake in Unedisa, publisher of El Mundo, one of Spain’s leading daily newspapers, and a 50% stake in Economica, publisher of Portugal’s leading business newspaper.


: performance :

In 2000, Recoletos increased underlying profits by 27% to £38m. In addition to the strong performance of Expansión, Marca reached a circulation of 403,000, increased advertising revenues by 16% and more than quadrupled traffic to its website Marca Digital to 53 million monthly page views. El Mundo increased circulation to 292,000 and monthly page views to 43 million.

Recoletos also extended its position as Spain’s leading multimedia business by winning licenses for digital free-to-air television and radio channels, which are being rolled out in 2001. Outside Spain, Recoletos built its presence in Latin America with the acquisition of El Cronista, Argentina’s most influential business and financial newspaper. The public offering of 20% of Recoletos, completed in October, has enhanced the company’s ability to move its business online and to expand in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets around the world.

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